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Target Rifle

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Current Shooting Categories
Target Rifle
This is the traditional discipline of shooting, which utilises mainly the 7.62mm and 5.56mm calibres, open metal peep sights and foresight rings, and slings to support the rifle in the prone shooting position. It still boasts the greater number of competitors of any Fullbore National Rifle Association category, and consequently is very competitive at the top level.

There are restrictions on rifle weight, projectiles, trigger weight, sighting magnification, and many other aspects such as thickness of padding in jackets and mats.

The target rifle category is a test of the basic shooting skills and in order to succeed at the top level requires a very steady hold, and excellent visual acuity.

Open F-Class 
This category allows all the advantages of Standard F-Class, and in addition removes most of the restrictions for the rifle. Any calibre up to 8mm is allowable, the rifle's overall weight limit must not exceed 10kg , and the trigger can be much lighter (vigorous cycling of the bolt is considered safe).  

Because of the expected performance levels in Open F-Class, a different set of targets is normally used, with smaller rings, making maximum scores more difficult to achieve.

All disciplines are restricted to single shot rifles - magazines and rapid firing are not permitted.

 # Special Note The NRAA has now opened 2 new Classes of F Class Shooting.

The 1st Fclass Shooting and Hunting class secondly F Open Shooting and Hunting.

The N.R.A. rules governing F Class Shooting & Hunting

National Rifle Association of Australia Limited


Note: Where these Rules for Sporting/Hunting Class do not specifically cover a particular subject that may arise then the Rules pertaining to TR shall apply.

 23.1 Rifles - Sporting/Hunting Class Target Shooting (SH)

 23.2 Introduction: This section is designed to allow standard shop bought sporting type rifles to be used on NRAA rifle ranges. The prime purpose for its introduction is to encourage participation, rather than competition and to foster membership.

 23.3 Any rifle bought as a standard factory-made practical walk around sporting/hunting/varmint rifle and without the features or attachments that would place it in the style of a target, match or service rifle, and which complies with the following conditions

 23.3.1 Weight: Not greater than 6.5 kg (14.3lbs.), including any telescopic sight or bipod.

 23.3.2 Actions may be bedded in the stock.

 23.3.3 Barrels: Rifles may be re-barreled if necessary, but the replacement must not exceed the heavy varmint barrel profile.

 23.3.4 Barrels are not to exceed 26 ins (66.04 cms) in length.

 23.3.5 Muzzle Brakes: Muzzle Brakes are permitted, subject to permission by the Organising Body/Range Officer and provided they are allowed under the Range Standing Orders. Note The Mount Barker Rifle  Club has chosen not to allow Muzzle Breaks