Mount Barker & District Rifle Club Inc.


Below is some information for New and Interested Members

Welcome  to  the Mt.Barker Rifle Club.

As you have seen from our website, we, as a club are affiliated with the National Rifle Association of Australia (N.R.A.A.) through the South Australian Rifle Association (S.A.R.A.) and are obliged to take certain steps in the introduction of new members to our club.

IE.       1.      A “prospective member” is allowed three visits to the club and participating in target shooting under supervision. 

           He/she is required to sign the Visitor’s Book giving name and address and a telephone number each visit.

          A club fee of $10.00 per head (2019/20) will be required  for the first visit to go towards the cost of ammunition used on the day.

The next two visits, the “prospective member” will be required to pay a $10.00 range fee as does all members on the day, together with $15.00 for the cost of club ammunition and use of the club rifle used on the day.

 If the “prospective member” has his/her own rifle and ammunition (approved by NRAA), only a range fee of $10.00 is required.

           2.      After the third visit to the club and taking part in shooting, the “prospective member” may either join the club by paying a fee of $20.00 and becoming a prospective member of SARA for a period of three months or become a “full member” by paying the total required SARA Fees together with Club Subscriptions.

           The visitor cannot continue to partake of target shooting as a “visitor”.

           3.      If the “prospective member” joins as a prospective member of SARA, this membership lasts for three months only and then the “member” must, either join the Club and the Association as a full member and pay the required fees in both cases, or for-go his/her privilege of target shooting with the Club.

           4.      The following Club Subscriptions were agreed upon at the Club’s AGM. On 13th July 2019 for the shooting year of 2019/20

           Active Members,         $40 .00

           Pensioners/Students   $35.00

           Assoc. Members,         $ 2.00

           Assoc Member (registered with another club) $40.00

           Late payment of Subs after due date  $10.00

          A 50% reduction for Club members will apply from 01 January 2020 for new members 

           (NB) please refer Club Bylaws for definitions of membership)

           6.   The following SARA fees are applicable for the year commencing 1st July 2019/20

           Full member,                $175.00

          New Full Member          $120.00  

           Pensioner                    $165.00 

     New Pensioner Member      $110.00

           Junior(U18)                 $  30.00

           New  Junior(U18)         $ 18.00  

           Associate Member        $5.00

           Provisional Member      $25.00

           Life Member (SARA )    $ 65.00

           Target Magazine       Which can be downloaded from the net

           NB. These fees are decreased on a quarterly basis during the progression of the year.


           Standard shooting Rules

           All members are required to abide by the Standard Shooting Rules as amended from time to time by the National Rifle Association of Australia, together with Club Bylaws as laid down by the elected committee.


 What next?

During the next three months when the “prospective member” is coming to terms with the “art” of target shooting, with the assistance of a “mentor”, he/she is most welcome to continue to use the club rifle etc. but is encouraged to consider obtaining their own equipment with the assistance of their “mentor” who in the first case would suggest considering obtaining suitable second-hand gear which is readily available at a most reduced price.

As time goes by, the new member can then consider updating what has been purchased or getting “made to measure” equipment.

While attending the rifle range and shooting under supervision, using the club rifle the “prospective member” does not have to hold a Firearms Licence. However, when he/she decides to purchase their own rifle, a firearms licence must be obtained providing they are over the age of 18 years. If under this age, they are unable to own or carry a firearm, and it would be suggested that a parent (or guardian) obtain the licence and accompany the member to the rifle range.

Our club can assist a new member obtain a Firearms Licence endorsed for club shooting. If the licence is required for more than club shooting, a TAFE course is necessary at a substantial cost.      


Club Shoots

           At the beginning of the “shooting year” the members of the club are graded on their capabilities and whether “target” or F class shooting and then  placed in either “A”, “B”,”C” and “F class A & B” grades for competition purposes.

           A best shot badge is presented to the winner in each grade, to hold until the next competition, at the conclusion of the day’s shoot.

           Each member is allocated a handicap which is calculated on his/her previous scores which allows every member of the club to compete equally for the day’s “honours” and towards various aggregate trophies during the year.

           There are a range of trophies which are competed for over the course of the twelve months. (refer conditions of trophies pamphlet)


  Thank you for interest in the Mt.Barker Rifle Club.


At present we have 43 registered members (2019/20 season) and is the largest club of its type in the State with members coming from a wide area.

We meet virtually every Saturday for competition, most times being on our own range. The range is opened at approx. 10.30 am on these mornings with shooting commencing at 1.00pm and usually finishing about 3.30 pm depending on numbers present which in most cases is in the vicinity of 25 male and female members.

To maintain the range and pay general running expenses, each shooter pays a range fee of  $10.00 each Saturday together with the cost of their  Factory ammunition ( approx.$20.00 ) 

The afternoon’s activity consists of each shooter having two rounds of two optional sighters and ten counting shots and positions are drawn for shooting order of each target. When the shooter has completed his round of shooting, he is then required to score for the next shooter, so consequently it can be a very “busy” afternoon with some fellowship tossed in for good measure.


The Club has one “club rifle” which is set up for either target rifle shooting or “F” class, together with shooting coats and mats, and ammunition, which are readily available to new and prospective members who are looked after on the day by experienced members who instruct them in the “art” of target shooting.


We have a electronic (Hex Systems)  target gallery and shoot over distances from 300 yards to 800 yards (incl.) on our range whilst on some occasions when we visit another rifle range we may compete over 900 yards and 1000 yards or 300 metres to 800 metres as with Lower Light and Monarto.


We have a very comfortable club-house with kitchen and canteen facilities, in which we enjoy each  others company socially before and after the weekly shoots, with several partners of the members spend the afternoon sitting and relaxing around the fire during winter. We have recently upgraded our potbelly stove to a larger model.