Mount Barker & District Rifle Club Inc.


500 Yards Open Date 19/6/21

Shooters were treated to a cold miserable day with showers intermitting through out the day. A half 44 gallon drum  filled with fire wood made it sweet  between shoots to gather around the fire and keep warm and watch fellow shooters perform in very minimal wind changes and the scores posted today were really amazing.

Target rifle was a solid win for Dave Mathews who produced a pair of 49's giving him a great aggregate of 98.8 .David Gardner was a few points back and he need to talk to his rifle and ask for more Centre Bullseyes (93.6)

F Standard A Grade was a 2 horse race with Richard McInnes coming out the winner shooting a pair of 59's ( 59.4 & 59.2 = 118.6)

Eddie Concannon was runner up with a consistant pair of 58's. (58.6 & 58.5 = 116.11)

One of the highlights in F Standard B Grade was Darryl Pinks first double possible. Darryl with nerves of steel produced a very creditable 120.14 and all his hard work came to fruition. We all at the Club were very happy for him and quite a few mutterings on the range were suggesting that he will be A Grade in the coming new shooting season. Paul Jenkins was runner up and he is also improving a heap and he shot a PB with a pair of 57's giving him 114.9.

The 2nd highlight was in F Open where scores were very close. Ryan  Yeates produced a very masterful display to score a double  possible with 17 X's( 120.17).Ryan has been very hard to catch and Rob Mitchel  came in 2nd with a score of 120.16. 

What a great competition 1 x the difference.

Frank Dutch was alone in F hunting class .Frank shot a creditable score 95.6

This coming weekend will be the Annual General Meeting of the club. Shooting will commence at 12 noon followed by the AGM at 2.00pm.The canteen will be providing a light lunch for all.

All members are asked to attend if possible  as quite a few positions need to be filled for the new shooting season.