Mount Barker & District Rifle Club Inc.




  1. - We were all pleased to see Alison back on board and we look forward to her rejoining the shoots.
  2. - The programme has been updated for the second half of 2023
  3. - The next shoot is a Championship Shoot on January 28th 2023 at 500 yards
  4. - Now that summer is here please remember our Hot Weather Policy in Brief:-

        When the temperature for Mount Barker is forecast to be 32 degrees or above, shooting will commence at 12.00

        noon. (1 hour early)

        When the temperature for Mount Barker is forecast to be 36 degrees and above or a total fire ban is declared for

        the Mount Lofty Ranges, Club shoots will be cancelled and if need be, reprogrammed.

        Guideline for the above will be the weather forecast on the ABC Channel 2 News at 7.00pm Friday evening prior to

        the competition.

  1.  - AGM June 24th 2023 -

            Shooting Starts at 12 noon

            Meeting Starts at 2 PM




- CTV have postponed their OPM due to Hot weather forecast for this weekend and rescheduled for 11th and 12th of


   Any enquiries to Chris Green,

   Captain, CTV Rifle Club

   mobile 0476277316


2021/22 Trophy Winners .

Target Rifle Club Champion

1st      Dave Gardener (1463)

2nd    Graham Hancock (1446)

F -Std Club Champion

1st      Eddie Concannon (1401.100)

2nd    Darryl Pink (1360.076)


F-Std Class B Champion

1st      Alison Hanson (1353.070)

2nd    Paul Jenkins (1187.051)


F Open Club Champion

1st      Ryan Yeates (1399.097)

2nd    Tim Manning (1387.078)


Sporting/Hunting Club Champion

1st     Mark DeLaine (1469.000)

2nd   Frank Dutch (1446.000)

Handicap Champion

1st    Mark DeLaine (1469)

2nd  Dave Gardener (1463)


Short Range Off Rifle

Target Rifle                 Dave Gardener (576.035)

F Standard A               Eddie Concannon (709.058)

F-Standard B              Alison Hanson (689.044)

F- Open                      Ryan Yeates (710.059)

Sporting/Hunting          Mark DeLaine (595.067)


Long Range Off Rifle

Target Rifle                  Dave Mathews (564.038)

F Standard A                Eddie Concannon (692.042)

F-Standard B               Alison Hanson (664.026)

F- Open                       Ryan Yeates (689.038)

Sporting/Hunting           Mark DeLaine (589.062)

Short Range Handicap

Paul Jenkins  (769)

Long Range Handicap

Graham Hancock  & Tim Manning (tie with 725)

Yearly Points

1st     Eddie Concannon (39)

2nd   Paul Jenkins (29)


Veterans Handicap

Dave Gardener (1463)


Sighters Trophy (Donated by Berndt Wulf)

Target Rifle   Glen Cakebread (27/30)

F-Class         Ryan Yeates (33.0/36)

Legends Board (Trophy provided by Alison Hanson & Graham Hancock)

Target Rifle                 Dave Gardener (98.011 at 500 yds)

F-Standard A               Eddie Concannon (120.013 at 300 yds)

F Standard B               Paul Jenkins (118.012 at 300 yds)

F Open                       Ryan yeates (120.012 at 500yds)

Sporting/Hunters          Paul Janzo (100.14 at 500 yds)

Sporting Hunters           Mark DeLaine (100.014 at 500yds)


Grading for 2022/23

Target Rifle A Grade

Graham Hancock

Grant Charleston

Glen Cakebread

David Gardener

David Mathews

Andrew Marsh

F Class Standard A Grade

E.ddie Concannon

Alison Hansen

James Lyon

Melanie Lyon

Richard McInness

Darryl Pink

F Class Standard B Grade:

Wayne Brittain

Tim Benger

Martin Craig

Paul Jenkins

A.llan Morgan

Nick Williams

A.lex Swanson

Sam De Laine

F Open

Ray  Hammat

Tim Manning

Robert Mitchell

Ian Pavey

Neville Roberts

Berndt Wulf

Ryan Yeates

Shooting & Hunting:

L.oui Burke

Mark De Laine

Frank Dutch

Paul Janzso

Ben De Laine

Baron De Laine

Loui Burke