Mount Barker & District Rifle Club Inc.

Club Captain Graham Hancock

Vice Captain Dave Mathews

Contact :- Mt Barker Rifle Club Email Address  or Post Office Box 259 Mt Barker S 5251




The Mount Barker Rifle Club promotes firearms safety and discipline in long range

target shooting.

Members compete in Club, inter-club, State and National events shooting over

distances from 300-900 yds.

Due to the lay of the land the maximum distance at Mt Barker is 800yds. 


The Club focus is on centrefire target rifles. We do not cater for, or support,

rimfire or small caliber hunting style rifles below 0.224" caliber.


The zeroing range is for use by members only. Guest usage is sometimes

permitted by negotiation with  the Club Captain, subject to the restrictions

stated above.