Mount Barker & District Rifle Club Inc.
in South Australia 



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        POINTS TO OBSERVE.                              


CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - 4 runs up the range counting best 2 (two) at each range (300-800 yds )

                                      Club Championship Target Rifle is open to all Targets  Rifle shooters 

 "Target Rifle  Championship   As per Club Championship, but only members nominated in this

grade are eligible.  

F Standard  CLASS Championship (A & B Grades)  As per Club Championship, but only members nominated in this

grade are eligible.Club Championship FS Class is open to all FS shooters.

NB # Target Rifle  will  be eligible for the  OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP CUP in the Target rifle section.

         F.Class  standard  will also be eligible for the F class Open Championship Cup  in the F Class section .


HANDICAP CHAMP.      The Handicap Championship Aggregate will not have a determined

maximum score. A shooters total score plus their allotted daily handicap

to give the handicap result.

In the event of a tie, Club By-Laws will apply.

This will also apply to the Vale Dean Handicap trophy.


SHORT RANGE            Total of best 2 (two) of a possible 4 (four) daily two round shoots at

OFF-RIFLE                   each of 3,4,500 yds.


LONG RANGE              Total of best 2 (two) of a possible 4 (four) daily two round shoots at

OFF-RIFLE                   each of  6,7,800 yds.


SHORT RANGE            As per off-rifle trophy, but handicap scores to count, but not

H/CAP                          necessarily from same ranges used for off-rifle trophy.

In the event of a tie CLUB BY-LAWS will apply.


LONG RANGE              As per off-rifle trophy, but handicap scores to count, but not

H/CAP                          necessarily from same ranges used for off-rifle trophy.

In the event of a tie CLUB BY-LAWS will apply.


POINTS TROPHY         Total of points allocated on results of handicap trophy competitions.

(1st 5, 2nd 4, 3rd 3, 4th 2, and 5th 1 point).


VETERANS TROPHY  Handicap   As per Club Championship ? restricted to members 65 years of age

and over as at the start of the shooting year.


LEGENDS                    Trophies donated by Alison Hansen for the highest off-rifle

score recorded throughout the year in each Grade.


VALE DEAN                 Perpetual Trophy and yearly trophy donated by Jim & Sue Bowles

TROPHY                       Aggregate of best H/cap score at each of 300, 500, 600 & 800 yards.

(Only 4 scores to count). In the event of a tie CLUB BY-LAWS will apply.


DAILY HANDICAP         The winner of the Daily Handicap will be the shooter with the highest aggregate off-rifle score plus allocated handicap. In the case of a tie,

then the % of handicap used to reach 120 will decide the winner.

Should a tie still occur, the winner will be decided by the off rifle count out

system. ( Club By-laws )


 Handicaps to be calculated on the average of the best three of the last four double round scores

regardless of range and adjusted to the maximum score of 120.

Eg. total numerical score plus ?V?,  -  50.10 + 50.10 = 120

In the case of F Class, total numeric score,  -  60 + 60 = 120


All Target Rifle and F-Class shooters are eligible to win the Handicap Championship.


New member?s handicap to be calculated using the last 3 double round scores regardless of range to arrive at a handicap.

Transferring members are to provide double round scores for handicap calculation.




Range Opening Time  :     10.30 a.m. (or by arrangement with Captain )


Commencement of Shoot  :         Approx. 1.00 PM


Targets  -  Numbers to be used at the discretion of Captain or Range Officer on duty.


Conditions for rain interrupted shoots are posted in Club House.

When temperatures for Mount Barker are forecast to be 36 degrees  or above the programmed competition  will be cancelled, and if need be reprogrammed.

 Guidelines being the Channel 2 weather forecast on the Friday evening immediately prior to the competition.

Shades may be used when a shooter?s comfort is compromised.

Shooters  -  Responsible for  - 

value/number of each shot called.

accuracy of completed score sheet/card.

scoring following completion of round.

It is each member?s responsibility to make sure the shoot flows on

without unnecessary interruption. (i.e. be positioned on the mound ready to shoot before the previous competitor has completed his/her round).


Scoring.        Telescopes or binoculars will be used by the scorer to determine accuracy of

value to spotter as per SSR?s.(Please disregard when using Electronic Targets)


Practice.        With the Captain?s permission and at his discretion only, will practice be permitted

following competition.



(In addition to Shooting Conditions)


Talking.         Restricted to behind black or white boards & electronic Monitors.

Volume to be kept to reasonable level as to not interrupt concentration of shooters.


Rifles.            Strictly no bolts in rifles until on firing mound with muzzle directed towards targets .

EXCEPTION -  when work is being carried out on a rifle at which time the Range Officer is to be made aware of the situation.

Absolutely no cleaning of rifles permitted in club house.


Range Gates.           Road gate to be kept closed at all times. Internal gates to be left as found.

It is your responsibility to close gates ? not the person that may be following.


Parking.        restricted to within range area. In summer months (high fire danger) parking is

restricted to cut portion of range ? NOT IN LONG, DRY GRASS.


No Smoking.            Strictly NO SMOKING in clubhouse OR

in open during summer months ? observe signs.


Dogs.                         No dogs permitted in club house.

To be kept on a leash at all times whilst on the range.


Reloading.                To be kept clean.

Equipment.              To be stored away following completion.

Special Events.       In the case of extenuating circumstances (e.g. sickness, hospitalization ,

bereavement etc.) please notify the Club Captain so he/she can pass on the

information to fellow club members A.S.A.P.